"Sparking Up Better Relationships"

Are you ready to take your relationship to another level?  Even if you're head over heels and madly in love with your significant other, there's always room for improvement.  IGNITE is a card game that sparks heartfelt and genuine conversations among couples that have the power to change the rest of their lives.  Play a game of IGNITE and prepare yourself for an amazing journey! 
IGNITE is like no other relationship-building card game on the market.  Each IGNITE card prompts you to share either a COMPLIMENT, a CONCERN, a WISH, or some AFFECTION!



Whenever you play a game of IGNITE, you and your significant other are in absolute control.  You are FREE to SHARE whatever is on your heart.  You are FREE to SHARE whatever is on your mind... something that you've been concerned about for a very long time or showing your loved one some overdue affection.  Whenever you play the game of IGNITE, the possibilities are ENDLESS!!!